July 7th, 2012

Two more days

So today was more stuff needing to be done. I entered all the phone and contact addresses into my iphone today (I'll re-check them tomorrow to make sure all the numbers are correct - I have trouble getting numbers mixed up sometimes). I talked to Expedia and the airline about making sure I could pick up my tickets at the airport with just the printed out email (I can) and confirmed my flights, collecting their confirmation code while I was at it. Outbound from Seattle leaves slightly later than originally anticipated but that's okay. We're still going to have to deal with rush-hour traffic to the airport, and it won't affect my transfer time at Philly.

I was going to write up the one last ogam meditation today but got sidetracked, and alfrecht is here, so we watched The Whisperer in Darkness together and the various extras, which were great, as I rather expected them to be. A note has been made on my checklist of Stuff To Finish Doing and I'll get to it tomorrow.

The whole entering things into the phone was time-consuming and pretty painstaking, given that I have such trouble with numbers. I don't want to mess something up and not be able to contact someone. Anyway, I'll check them again tomorrow, as I said. Addresses were entered into my pilgrimage notebook for the web cafe and the outdoor supply shop in Douglas so that I can have net access and pick up fuel for my camp stove when I get there off the ferry.

Last minute lists of things that vyviane will be bringing were checked against various lists of things needed for rituals. I copied out the useful Czech phrases that tdancinghands provided for me. I still need to look at the French clips on YouTube that eydimork linked, though I can also consult with ogam and joyful_storm when I see them Tuesday.

alfrecht, gra_is_stor, and I went over to Emory's for dinner this evening. She's over at her new place with ingvisson doing some more moving/unpacking tonight and should be back eventually, as she has to take him home and he's south of here while her new place is north.

Today's mail brought a guide to benefits from the VA that was actually clear, concise, useful, and gave me information about my particular situation. For instance, I thought I'd been rated at 70% and unemployable but I am apparently at 80%. It doesn't make any real difference when it comes to receiving services, but it's still useful to know.

I'm feeling pretty emotionally exhausted just from dealing with nit-picky last minute details, but I rather expected I would be at this point. There's pretty much no bandwidth for anything else right now. I appreciate all the support everyone has been giving me on this, you're all awesome, so let me just remind you of that right now! Thank you.

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