July 10th, 2012

Safe in Dublin!

Whitman: not all who wander
Almost all of us here. Next up, food!

Dublin: The National Museum

Whitman: not all who wander
I spent a couple of hours today at the National Museum (archaeology building) seeing the gold exhibit, checking out the Ardaugh Chalice, and seeing a bunch of other wonderful and fascinating stuff. I wish I had a few days for just this one museum. I can wander through quickly and see a bunch of things but I'd rather linger and spend time absorbing the artifacts and I just don't have the time before we have to head out tomorrow.

I've got some photos of pieces in the museum (some areas you're allowed to take photos, others not), and will try to post something from my phone when I can. That'll have to wait until we're at the B&Bs, as wireless here at the Travelodge is NOT free and one password only works for one device.

So far I've been having an absolutely grand time, except for lunch, which was really very meh. Tea later this afternoon was very nice, though. I got some really interesting photos of a Cú Chulainn mural hidden in an alley off one of the larger streets near the museum. It's a compilation of the life of Setanta/Cú Chulainn, from killing the hound to his death at the end of the Táin. alfrecht, if you haven't seen this, you'll really like it, I suspect. I took some good photos thinking of you.

I'm about to scurry off for dinner with joyful_storm. All is well. It's been raining. ;)


GIR likes FOOD!
There was this Italian restaurant that joyful_storm found. Four of us went to dinner there. Epic food porn. Seriously. More report when I have brain cells to rub together. I haven't been able to sleep since I got up at 6:30am the day I left home.

Later, y'all!

Tomorrow - Kildare!

What day is it?

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