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From Leon and Allen:

Dear Fellow Travelers,


Monday June 11, 2012, 7 pm at TRAVELERS – 501 East Pine St.

News has been trickling in that our shop on Capitol Hill has been leased out from under us. Posts are appearing on Gamma Ray Games’ Facebook page, and on the Capitol Hill Blog, that they will be opening in our current space in mid-August. Naturally, I have heard nothing of this from our Landlord yet, but I have little doubt it is true. It looks as if this is the last month for TRAVELERS at 501 East Pine. The question is:


We are calling a meeting, on Monday at 7pm, of the TRAVELERS “family” (you know who you are), all those who love us and want to help TRAVELERS get through the current crisis and go forward. We need volunteers, especially if you can work at least one four-hour shift, one day a week, over the next month. We need to make some money. There are lots of things to do: production, cleaning, kitchen and counter service. We’ll also need help getting everything out of the space, moving it somewhere, cleaning up.

If we only have one month, let’s make it a great month! I’d love to see all the friends, fans and devotees we’ve accumulated over the years stop by. I hope our past employees will come by too, to reminisce about some of the great things that have gone on within these walls. And spend some money while you’re here! We have lots of bills to pay, and we still have lots of amazing things. We may schedule some last event or two, as well, before we bid adieu, so stay tuned… this isn’t over yet.


When I think of all the great things we have done in out 14½ years here, I know we have lots to be proud of. TRAVELERS has been a wonderful place, full of wonderful things. But most important it has been filled with wonderful people. It seemed for years that all roads led to TRAVELERS. We’ve had visits by great spiritual leaders, amazing concerts and performances, brilliant lectures, workshops, art exhibits, and even fashion shows. My mind boggles at all the awesome people it has been our honor and our great pleasure to host. And we have had the opportunity to show our own art, to do public rituals, to cook for you. We never made much money, but in all other ways it has been a huge success. Thank you for being a part of all this and for your support over the years.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Allen and Leon

TRAVELERS TEA CO. – 501 E. PINE STREET – (206) 329-6260 (at least for now)

TRAVELERS THALI HOUSE – 2524 BEACON AVE. S. – (206) 329-1465

This evening I did an IRC chat with the Sisterhood of Avalon folks. It was so much better this time, being able to actually have the tech work properly. There were, at the time when the most people were in, about 20 people there, and some really excellent questions were asked, with good discussion had. I hope that someone has a transcript - if they do I'll see about sharing it, though I can't promise I'll be able to, given this was a SoA chat. I had a really lovely time and it was a great group of women in attendance. Many thanks to vyviane for organizing this, particularly at such short notice.

I got email from joyful_storm about the pilgrimage and sent her the more detailed itinerary and some of the info I've been collecting about the places, book recommendations, and whatnot that I've been sharing with the pilgrimage list, and she decided she's going to be coming with us. Time has suddenly opened up in her schedule so that she can do this and I'm so very excited to be able to travel with her! It'll be great to have someone from home along with me for that part of the trip. I'm delighted to have a couple of my very favorite people (her and ogam) coming along!

Once I got all that stuff settled, I finally write a draft of the opening ritual at the older Brigid's well, involving water, fire, and our meditations with ogam and the three cauldrons. I've sent the draft off to vyviane and Jhenah for their approval or edits. We shall see what they have to say.

If I'm sufficiently together tomorrow, I'm going to see about taking Garuda for his oil change, and getting a haircut. I hate how it's all down in my eyes now. It's very very annoying. And Garuda needs the oil change before I head for California.

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