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Today was laundry and packing the last of the things I'll need for the week. I hauled everything but my bag with my clothes and stuff out to the car this afternoon. The poor DoDC+3 is kind of frantic. He knows I'm leaving because he's watched all the packing and whatnot. He was upset enough last night that I had to have him sleep in his kennel because he just wouldn't settle.

I spent several hours reading this and that for research and did the outline and remaining notes for the Brigid and Sarasvati workshop this weekend. I've got a contact number for someone I'll be seeing in Portland on the way home. I'll be posting here about when I'm in town (July 2nd) and let folks know details if they want to meet me at Powell's and they're able to make it. It'll probably be early- to mid-afternoon, depending on when I get to martianmooncrab's from Eugene.

I'm about as calm as I can be before I set out on a road trip. I feel like I did a reasonably good job getting things settled, considering how much I had to deal with before this trip. Any details I've forgotten for Ireland and Europe I can try to resolve while I'm home next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone when I get to Eight Winds, and to seeing blindwebster the day before. I'm trying not to think too much about everything and just go with it and let go of some of the anxiety. It feels like the launch of something huge (which it is), but I'm up to it. I probably won't sleep much tonight because I rarely sleep well at all before I take a road trip. I'll be up about 8-ish tomorrow morning and out the door around 10am, if all goes to plan. I like to get out just after the worst of rush hour has passed so that I don't get massively delayed by traffic. I expect I'll be in to martianmooncrab's place by around 2pm tomorrow, as usual, so lunch in Oregon City, then points south. I'll stop for the night at the Ashland Hostel; they have wifi so I'll be able to catch up with a little of the day and check in on everyone.

To the other folks traveling to the festival this week, smooth sailing to you and safe travels. Slán!

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